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Insights from Tree Drawing


Understand what your clients are telling you.

With only a simple drawing, you can learn more about your clients even before your first therapy session! This book provides a powerful tool that will assist you in successful hypnotherapy treatment. Using the methodology, you will discover the following: Is your client ready for change? Is your client stuck in the past or future? Does he/she have high or low self-confidence? How stressed is your client? Is there prior trauma and at what age?  In short, the insights gained through tree drawing methodology are invaluable!

“I have approached Hena on several occasions to assess my own clients' tree drawings, only to find out that her assessments of the drawings were accurate to their personalities and issues that they are struggling with in life. This is an invaluable tool to all who seek to enhance their practice.” ​ – Kim Manning CHT, PhD


Cost: $37.98

Insights to Marketing and Getting Clients


Get clients and grow your business.

The secret to a successful business is getting enough qualified leads. Master this secret and create your dream business! In this book, you will learn how to position yourself as an expert; design a no-nonsense marketing plan; become a professional networker; get others to refer your business; use internet marketing to match your brand, and much more!

“I worked with Hena on my business success. Not only did I immediately cut costs in several areas, but I hired another assistant and improved productivity over 100% in my office. My personal income since working with Hena has now doubled.” – Joe Saul-Sehy, Sr. Financial Advisor


Cost: $19.98

Insights to Relationships


Achieve unlimited   personal and professional success in your relationships.

Achieving unconditional love for self and others is the key ingredient to successful relationships. In this powerful book you will learn: ​why building self-esteem is the key to strong and lasting relationships; what role our frame of mind plays in robbing us of love; the impact of past programming, and how to break its hold. These three learnings are simple keys to building relationships with everyone.

“Hena’s insightful coaching and hypnosis sessions have freed me from the past negative programming. Today, I am attracting the right people and circumstances to build powerful, loving relationships and reach my goals faster.” – Michael Wickett, Professional Speaker & Coach


Cost: $19.98

You Will Overcome


Be inspired by Oprah, Rush, and Dr. Ken Blanchard.

In this book, you will read the uplifting stories of how Oprah Winfrey, once a poor black girl, became the TV talk show queen; how top radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh overcame hearing loss, and what One Minute Manager co-author Dr. Ken Blanchard and his wife learned from the tragic loss of their home in a fire. You will also be inspired by the narrative of how Marva Collins, a frustrated public school teacher, created a legacy in education; how Rick Ruby went from $70,000 in debt to becoming a multi-millionaire, along with many more encouraging stories of successful entrepreneurs.

“This book is a wonderful collection of stories – each one more inspiring than the next – designed to give the reader a weekly power boost in facing and overcoming life’s issues. A great, easy and fun read.” – Ben V., Livonia LBN


Cost: $19.98

From Fear to Freedom

From Fear to Freedom


“Failure is just a way for our lives to show us we’re moving in the wrong direction, that we should try something different.”

“Happiness is never something you get from other people. The happiness you feel is in direct proportion to the love you give.”

“Our beliefs can move us forward in life, or they can hold us back.”

From Fear to Freedom by Hena Husain is the book that covers a journey from Fear to Freedom. She has written 3 Ways to Overcome Your Past and Find Freedom. A complete guide that helps you identify your fears and to understand the ways to get rid of those fears.

The book is useful for self improvement and to go through the tough time easily. Sometimes, we cannot achieve what we deserve due to our fear and it causes stress too. Hena Husain has explained a number of such things in this book to make you familiar of all such situations. She even explained the ways to get relief from all such fears, stress or other things which prohibit you to live your life the way you want. If you really want to see a change in your life then buy “From Fear to Freedom” A Book by Hena Husain today and give yourself a chance to live a life that is free from Fear, Stress or Unhappiness.

Cost: $15.00


Miracle CD


Increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.

 The Miracle CD will help you achieve a deep relaxed state to increase self-esteem and self-confidence. The CD will also change negative thinking to positive, enabling you to focus on your desired goals. ​

The instructions are simple: Listen to the CD every night before going to bed (preferably with headphones) for 21 consecutive nights, keeping in mind that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.

Cost: $19.98


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